2012 Review in Picture Form

January saw wave jumping in the Caribbean on a cruise

February saw a party with lots and lots of friends

March was filled with some Leprechauning throughout the city

Love me some festive holiday attire

Yankee season took off in full force shortly after March

Somewhere in the middle of it all came my beautiful nephew

If only they stayed that little forever, he melts my heart

Visited my bestest bud on a rose in D.C.

Drank quite a few dranks

May saw momma and grama for Mother's Day in Central Park

Memorial Day in Cape Cod

Went to my first derby in June confirming that I was, in fact, born in the wrong decade

Got a nerd stuck in my belly button - one of my more eventful days of 2012

I turned 23 and never want to get any older

Went on a wine tour with some lovely ladies to continue the bday festivities

Accomplished pool-pong on the Fourth of July

Puppysat the cutest stuffed animal of a little man

August provided me with the best job I've ever head being a nanny for this little nugget

October saw a pumpkin carving Halloween shindig

Decided to be Fifty Shades of Grey for Halloween even though I never read the books

Survived Hurricane Sandy in the classiest of ways

Decorated like a maniac for my favorite time of the year

And got my merry cheer on for Santacon
All in all, 2012 treated me very well.
I let go of a job that I couldn't see myself going anywhere in.
Found a new one that I actually enjoy going to every morning.
Moved to a cozy new apartment.
Got rid of a few bad weeds and acquired some fabulous gems.
Learned a lot.
Loved even more.
And, the best of all, started this little blog!
I hope you all have a fabulous New Year's Eve tonight.
Be happy. Be drunk. Be safe.
And don't kiss any duds.