Twofer Tuesday

One: FaceTime
This evening marked the first ever time I have FaceTimed. It was with my dad who just recently got an iPhone so he was equally excited to try it out. 
And let me tall you, Steve Jobs did it again.
I realize that I'm a tad bit behind on this bandwagon but that's fine.
It has taken me quite some time to give in to this new feature for a few reasons:
I despise talking on the phone at all and this is just a glorified version of it.
I'm convinced that it spits 10,000 calories out of the screen and injects them into my face causing me to look just about as fat as I did when I was a baby.

You actually have to look somewhat presentable while talking.
You can't cover up the fact that you may or may not be stuffing your face with crackpot chicken.
I'm an awkward turtle in real life and this just captures all of it in real time.
But what's great about this lovely invention is this:
You don't have to be wearing pants because it's called FACEtime instead of BODYtime. Boom. Another win for team no pants.
You can have your dad point his phone to the dog so she can see your face so that you can tell her to sit and lay down. Although you will feel bad that Steve Jobs wasn't smart enough to allow you to transport a bone to her.
You can point your phone to the things around your apartment that you need you dad to build and fix.

Two: Isaac Strong
If you don't know Erin at Living In Yellow them you're either new at this whole blogging thing or you just simply don't have a sense of humor. Because, let's face it, the girl is hilarious and I love her blog. You can normally find her cracking jokes or talking about mac and cheese but this time around things are a little different.
There's this boy. His name is Isaac. He has cancer.
And Erin with her heart of gold (or yellow?) decided to do something about it. I'm always up for doing good things for good people and I'm beyond enamored by the impact that bloggers can have in the world so I decided to share the story.
She is attempting to raise as much money as possible to give Isaac and his siblings the best Christmas they've ever seen.
So I'm urging you all to find it in your hearts to donate $5 to this six year old little boy whos only hope right now is just to see another day.
If money isn't an option you could write a letter or send a drawing or a card (just about anything) to show him that there are people all over the country thinking about him.
You can visit her post on Isaac Strong to get more details on how you can help.
Or you can just simply donate here: