Twofer Tuesday

One: Celeb Couples
This is a public service announcement to all the freaks of the world.
Life does not end when a celebrity couple breaks up.
It just doesn't. I know this might come as a shock to some of you Twihards and Beliebers and whatever other reedonkulous names you've given yourselves but it's the straight truth.
It happened when KStew and Robert Pattinson broke up (for a hot minute). YouTube took a hard blow that day with all the nutjobs sobbing on their web cams about how life would never be the same.
There is even going to be a special on E! called "Rob & Kristen: Immortal Love".
Like are you flippin' kidding me?!
I cannot. I just simply cannot.
We've got global warming, a fiscal cliff, Hurricane Sandy, zombies, and me comparing my baby pictures to Honey Boo Boo...but even with all of these things going on the world still spins.
As soon as I saw this Immortal Love bullshit on E! News though I knew humanity was doomed. Over. Done for.
But just as we were getting over this catastrophic earth shattering event we were blessed with yet another.
Justin and Selena.
And now Twitter has been set ablaze and squirrels are collecting double the nuts to prepare for the end of life as we know it.
Listen, I love my gossip just as much as Blair Waldorf but I'm not posting videos and boohooing all over the Twitterverse.
Two: TV Time
It's no shocker that I am a junky when it comes to television. It's pretty bad actually. If there was rehab for tv watchers I'd check in...umm...yesterday.
Revenge is my current favorite - Nolan Ross is the best character to grace my screen in a long long while. Genius.
Revolution is coming in at a close second - I compared life after Sandy to their life after the blackout.
Nashville is neck and neck with Revolution - so saucy and scandalous and I am loving the music so much that I downloaded it.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is always at the top of the list - I'm hoping for heaping amounts of drama and a ton of Giggy costume changes.
Teen Mom 2 started again - I went there, oh yes I did. Judge away my friends I can handle it.
Modern Family makes my heart happy every damn time - I need me a Phil Dunphy when I grow up.
The Voice occupies about five hours of my life every week - Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Amanda Brown, and Trevin Hunt are the best but that DEZ DURON oh my lanta I swoon every damn time. Kid is gorg.
Gossip Girl sucks - I'm about three weeks behind and I can honestly say I could care less, good thing it's almost over.
Grey's Anatomy is getting too predictable - I knew Mr. Feeny was going to keel over. Although in the middle of surgery? Come on now Shondra.
Once Upon A Time is alright - the super stinkwad special effects take so much away from it and it's also starting to get a tad cheesy around the edges.
Throw in some Diners Drive Ins and Dives, some House Hunters (but not International), some My Fair Wedding, and daytime talk shows and that just about covers it.
I think.
Good lord someone come help me out here. Am I the only one who revolves their life around tv?

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