Too Hot Not To Trot

Normally I don't promote giveaways but this one is just too damn good to pass up!

Anyone and everyone can enter just by answering a simple question or tweeting about the giveaway itself. Easy peasy right? 

You know what the fantastic thing about this particular one is? There have only been 16 entries so far and the giveaway ends in a day. So if you didn't sleep through first grade math that means the odds definitely are ever in your favor. No Hunger Games needed to win.

You know what the other amazing thing about this giveaway is? The prize is pretty special. If  you win you'll be taking home an adorable pair of Sam Edelman booties in a gorgeous burgundy color. 

I mean...could these be any cuter for the upcoming holiday season? And could these be anymore on trend right now? I think not.

Oh and have I told you there's only one day left and there are only 16 entries? Yeah so that means you should probably click HERE right about now so you can go win these beauts.

If you don't then I'll be sure to come stalk you and sit you down to give you a brief talk on mathematical odds and let you cry on my shoulder after you realize these would have been the perfect boots to wear to your little Christmas shindig.

Go enter now!

Happy Tuesday!