Time For A Little Instagram Update

Aka my brain is too lazy and cold to conjure up some witty blog topic while I have to wear an American Apparel circle scarf around my neck since my apt is so flippin' frigid that I could freeze a popsicle on the floor.

Aka I'd rather head to 35cent wing night for MNF at a toasty warm bar to watch the Eagles get clobbered so that the Giant's loss yesterday won't matter.

Aka I have four amazing shows recording on Mondays now that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back and I can't be a TV couch junky for the third day in a row.

Or can I? 35 cent wings aren't that good right?
Wrong. Completely wrong.
But Giggy and fancy castle houses and grown women drama?
Oh the choices we face in life...

Anyway, back to the Instagrams:

What the doormen were handing out so that we could get up the dark powerless stairs in my apartment building safely
The best part of colder months in Manhattan - it's a magical site
Posted up in Central Park for a little people watching
Fifty Shades of Grey up close and personal
75% off Halloween heaven
My thunder buddy hurricane bunny
Baby footprint ghost art with the little man while nannying
My carved anchor pumpkin
How NYC streets do Halloween graves
A hidden gem in the middle of Manhattan