Sandy Cheeks

She came out of Bikini Bottom and wreaked havoc all over the east coast. Girl was NOT playing around.

If you don't know, I live in NYC. Manhattan to be exact. On east 39th St...just to be even more exact. Mostly everyone from my street down lost power on Monday night. My apt is so close to the line of power that you can look out the window of my building and see lights across the street. I got a block.

But anyway, yeah, the power went out. And for Manhattan that is a pretty damn big deal. I've lived here for almost three years and have never even once seen the lights flicker, let alone actually lose power. I'm from upstate NY where I couldn't count how many times we've lost it due to Nor'Easters and thunderstorms yet I still never experienced anything like this.

I still don't have power now. Tonight will be night four and they don't expect us to have it back until Saturday. Crazytown! People are walking around a pitch black lower Manhattan with flashlights and headlights at night. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen.

The zombie apocalypse is most certainly here. I kid, I kid but it's still an insanely weird sight to see.

Thank goodness the northern part of the city still has power or else things would be wild. I trekked in my Hunter boots up fifty blocks stopping at every bar on the way in order to find a warm meal and an outlet to charge my phone. I have never in my life seen the bars so packed with every outlet occupied.

My area of the city is fine but there are so many other parts that are extremely devastated. The surge rose 14ft. That's almost three of me high. Subways downtown are flooded up to street level, apartments are destroyed, houses are burnt to nothing, and trees are sprawled everywhere.

But these things are all replaceable and living without power is certainly the least of anyone's problems. Those who lost their lives and the family and friends mourning their losses are the real devastating conclusion to this nightmare.

But this city is amazingly resilient and we are already getting back on track thanks to the many AMAZING men and women working around the clock. Without them we would all be in shambles and there would be many more lives lost.

So thank you to them, thoughts with those deeply affected, and peace out to all my bloggy friends until I get power back because this iPhone Blogger app is difficult.

Stay strong fellow East Coasters!