Life Lately

So Hurricane Sandy has gotten me a tad bit behind in Blogland lately.
As you know I lost power from the craziness that went down.

Down below would be my street - aka the edge of the power line.
The north side of 39th St. is on the obviously has power.
The south side of 39th St. is on the right...nada, zilch, darkness.
That side is the side I live on.
This shit was more of a tease than the beer aisle to a pregnant chick.

I finally got power back really really late last Friday night.
I was at the bar (shocking) drowning my non-powered sorrows away when the power company started tweeting about the areas of Manhattan that were restored.
One by one each neighborhood was back up and running.
Mine, of course, was one of the very last ones and I most certainly did shoot dirty looks at every person in the bar that cheered and ordered shots when their respective neighborhoods were back.
Saturday was spent cleaning out the rest of the food in our fridge and posting up on the couch for a solid ten hours catching up on all of the TV shows I missed last week.
I never realized how many TV shows have me sucked in until I had to watch all of them in one day. Yikes, I am such a junkie.
And I also added a new one into the mix and watched all of the episodes of Nashville so far. ABC gets me once again...
P.S. Who the hell knew that Hayden Pennetawhaty can actually sing?!
Sunday was spent packing up my entire room, priming my painted wall, and doing two loads of laundry - because in the middle of this hurricane disaster I am of course moving into a new apartment.
My move was supposed to take place last Thursday but that obviously wasn't going to happen without elevators in a pitch black apartment.
So now I will be moving tomorrow afternoon into a brand new apartment with a brand new roomie!
But before we move into Pinterest decor and DIY projects for the new place lets do a little recap of my Halloween activities recently.
The Upper East Side really got their game on when decorating for this Holiday. I had so much fun walking the little man around these streets every day checking out the latest spiders and creepy ghouls.

While I was home a couple weeks back I had a few ladies over for a Pumpkin Carving Party.
We ended up skipping the pumpkin carving part and just indulged in the stuffing our faces / drinking yummy sangria part but it's all the same in the end right.
Googly eye cups
I think I'm the only chick around that hates these things
Being healthy or being decorative - you decide
Target specials
Everyone in the city dressed up and partied the weekend before Halloween aka the weekend before Sandy hit.
This would be the stack of grey paint samples I jacked from the hardware store for my costume.
Can you get arrested for doing such a thing?
This would be what they were actually used for:
Fifty Shades of Grey!
And you can bet your bottom dollar that there actually were fifty of them pinned to my grey skirt.
Now I'm off to go stalk all of your Halloween posts to see what you all dressed up as.
Have a great week ladies!