Life Lately via the Gram Feed

I consistently seem to struggle with getting back into the blogging game after long weekends away from this little land. I've done so much over the past several days but there's just zero desire in me to put any of them down to paper keyboard.
So what do we do when blogger block sets in?
Instagram updates. That's what.
Here are the latest since the last time I decided to be lazy.
Apple Pie CHEESECAKE on Thanksgiving.
Holy yum thanks to my Aunt Becky.

How we do our Christmas Tree shopping in Manhattan.
No chopping. No yelling timber. No tying it to your car. Just paying three times as much and hauling it into your elevator.

Can't even go shoe shopping in Upstate NY without seeing heads.
Redneck problems at their finest.

How I've been spending my work days recently.
Walking around NYC checking out all the pretty holiday decorations.

I'm not sure why it took so long for me to realize that they sell
this liquid gold in grocery stores but I'm glad I finally did.

The lights at Bloomies make my heart sing.
The amount of money I could spend inside does not.