Glitterati Police

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It's on trend, it's girly, it's glamorous, and it's fun. So what exactly is there not to love about it? That's right, nothing.
We've seen it on clothing, bags, shoes, home decor, heck even on Starbucks tumblers. Take some modge podge and you could glitterfy just about any hard surface you come in contact with.
This fabulous trend is perfectly fine on any day of the year but now that we are in full holiday mode it's even more on point. Punch up any look with a glittery gold accessory and you'll be sure to stand out amongst all of the winter whites and dreary blacks.
Here are four easy pieces that will get your wardrobe going:
The turn-lock flapped clutch from Target is just the added punch of fun you'll need to take an ordinary little black dress to the next level at any holiday party this season.
At $4.80 you just simply can't pass up this little sliver of gold at Forever 21. Wrap it around a chunky sweater with leggings and boots and you've just taken your outfit from cozy to glam.
This glitter strap watch from DKNY will certainly give your wrist a boost of excitement this holiday season. Just be prepared to be stopped on the street numerous times to let everyone know where you got it.
These cap-toed pumps are from J.Crew and the teensy tiny granules of glitter on these babies make them easy to wear with just about anything, other than your flannel pj's of course.
I just purchased some mod podge and a container packed full of gold glitter in hopes of making some DIY glam. I'm not sure exactly what I plan on plastering with this stuff quite yet, though.
My pink piggy bank? A cheap lamp shade? A picture frame?
Oh the possibilities.
Have you glitterfied anything recently or have you seen any amazing Pinterest ideas? If so, shoot them my way and feel free to share below!