Decor Inspirations

So last week I moved into a new apartment.
Let's take a brief moment to kick our heels together and smile once...or twice.
Because this means decorating!
One day when I don't live in NYC and can own a space larger than a doll house I will be going all out in the home decor department.
But since I fork over bookoo dolla dolla bills for...hmm...maybe 700 square feet of space I have to hold back the inner decor diva and minimize my inspirations.

And that is exactly where my beloved Pinterest boards come in. No restraints happening over in that virtual dream world.
Especially now that there are secret boards.
These things are the best invention since flannel holiday sheets.
(Which will be slapped on my bed in about nine days)
(Click heels together twice more)
Now I can actually be a lunatic and pin 17 engagement rings a day and future family photo session ideas and half naked Adam Levine's without you all creeping on my bizznass and dubbing me unstable.

Therefore, I'll spare you my insanity and only show you my decorating pins of the past couple weeks. After posting them all on here I have realized I gravitate towards a ton of neutrals with pops of pink.

Interesting that my blog name correlates so nicely right?

Why hellooo there pretty pink ladies
Source: via Erin on Pinterest
This wall amazes the shitsticks out of me

DIY trays filled with peonies
Source: via Erin on Pinterest
Ikat pillows and Prada signs
Yes, yes, yes to everything

Plop me down on a bed of punchy pillows
Dress up your dresser

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