A Very Merry DIY Christmas

So I started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.
I broke my own rule. Le sigh...
You see I've always been one of those "Don't decorate until after Thanksgiving" types of creatures. I wish the calendar gods decided to spread my two favorite holidays out a bit so we wouldn't have this conundrum every damn year but we can't win 'em all can we?
Since I've gotten older I have realized that Thanksgiving has started to become my favorite of these two holidays.
Reason One: I like eating two times my weight in great food more than I like receiving gifts.
Reason Two: It means that Christmas is still on the way so our hearts can stay happy for another month.
But New York City basically decided to start spreading Christmas cheer on October 1st so the window displays and music playing throughout every retail store in Manhattan kind of had me tricked into thinking I needed my own apartment to parallel the excitement.
Plus I thought it would be rather spectacular to walk into a garland and glittery crimson ball filled apartment after coming back from Thanksgiving.
So decorating time it was this past Sunday afternoon.
It started out small. Just a little DIY hot glued candy cane vase that I put together last year with some glittery trees and glass vase on a gold festive tray.
P.S. that candy cane vase was inspired by this picture we've seen all over Pinterest. It was ridiculously easy to make.
All I you have to do is hot glue the backs of the candy canes onto a circular vase, tie a pretty red ribbon around the bunch, and then place a fake Ikea plant in the middle so you don't have the stress about keeping anything alive.
But then things got a little crazier.
You see, I have always felt regular old picture frames ruin Christmas decor. I need ev-er-y-thing in my space to be decked out and my prissy pink flowers weren't going to cut it. Therefore, it was time to turn them into make shift presents.
How much more festive does that sparkly red bow look?! I'm in love with bows on just about anything other than the half and half Oreo girl on The Voice so this idea was a no brainer.
Let's check out the easier than Easy Mac process shall we...
Find your plain framed picture in need of some glitz and glam.

Cut out some craft paper (or a brown paper bag) just larger than the size of your already existing picture so that it covers everything up.
Ribbonize it like you would your average present.

Hot glue or tape or use your magic wand to stick the amazeballs bow on top of the ribbon.

Hang your make shift presents up in their original places and stand back in awe of how easy the process was.
And there you have it. The easiest DIY Christmas decor projects that there ever was.
But now it's time to get back into my gobble gobble mind frame and prepare my tummy for the adventure it's about to partake in because it's THANKSGIVING time ladies!
I hope you all have the best holiday and Turkey filled extravaganzas. I'll be sure to report back on my own next week with a few extra pounds of inner tube added to my frame.
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