A Dolla Makes Me Holla

So my mom started sending me baby pictures the other day.
Normally this would bring about some "aww so cute" moments - but for me this just isn't the case.
One by one as the pictures rolled in I couldn't help but notice that I bare a strong resemblance to the Honey Boo Boo family.
I know you're all thinking that there's no possible way that this could be true.
I mean I'm pure class nowadays...
But unfortunately I look like I grew up in a rickety old house next to train tracks down in Georgia.
Let's take a look, shall we.
Exhibit A: Chins for days
I mean my eyes do in fact open when I smile but hey you cannot deny the chin similarities.
Exhibit B: Snarled hair and raggedy ass clothes
This was the early 90's so that whole grunge thing was definitely "in" but still, I look like a rag muffin.
Exhibit C: Sink showers
Sink bathing is actually acceptable when your entire body can fit in the there but hey I was rocking the look way before this family started getting paid for it.
Exhibit D: Cleans up well
Take away the rolls, the grime, and the gnarly hair and we have ourselves a pretty little princess.
All I'm missing is a pet pig, a few thousand coupons, and a swarm of gnats around my head.
Now if only I could find that picture of my extra thumb...