Welcome To Animal Planet

The plural of platypus is platypuses.

It's true.

You'd think it'd be platypi (until you type it out and realize you're ridiculous) but it's not, it's platypussies platypuses. Look it up.

Of course you're not going to stop what you're doing to go look up the plural pronunciation of platypus, who am I kidding.

If you did then pat on the back to you - you officially have no life and can come join my crew.

But anyway the platypus used to be my favorite animal back in the day.
And that's all thanks to Patti the beanie baby platypus.
I got her when I was four or five before beanie babies were ever even popular.
I firmly stand behind myself when I say I brought the fad to my town.

On "Take your Teddy Bear to School Day" I didn't bring an over-sized stuffed Ted. I was the weirdo bringing a little five dollar sack of beans to school.

I still have her to this day.
She went to college with me and she has lived in every apartment I've had since.
She's that one sentimental security blanket type item that I'll keep forever.
She was, by far, my favorite stuffed animal - and let me tell you I had a TON of stuffed animals.

Borderline hoarder style like this random lady I found buried under her stash on the internet.

Beanie  babies & Charlsie

I didn't like dolls. No Barbie dolls for me thank you very much.
(and if you were my aunt and you gave me one on Christmas I most certainly cried)

I only liked stuffed animals.
I'd line them up all the way around my bed at night so they would protect me from the monsters.
I'd make them be my guests at tea strawberry milk parties.
I would pack them in my suitcase when we went to Disney World and I wouldn't let my mom zip it all the way up because they needed to breathe.

I'm glad I've gotten much more normal throughout the years...

I'd get up and find her to take a picture if I wasn't lazy but I since I am I'll just steal one off the Internet to give you a good idea of what she looked like in all her glory.

That right there is a whole happily humping Patti the platypus famdamily.
She was so cool that McDonald's even made her into a Happy Meal toy.
Only the big dogs of Beanie Babies got to become those.
As I got older (and was forced to write an essay in second grade on my favorite animal) I finally realized what a Platypus was.
You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that they were in fact NOT magenta...
You can also imagine my confusion as to how the woodchucks my dad shoots in our backyard grew a bill, gained some webbed feet, added on the strangest looking tail and ended up in Australia.

This is not what TY taught me when I was four. Thank you for giving kids false hope that there just might be magenta colored mammals iout there in the world.

But why the hell am I telling you about a stuffed platypus?
Yeah...I'm kind of wondering that at this point too.

It's because the little lady I'm about to introduce you to lives in Sarasota Florida.
But beanie babies aren't made in Sarasota Florida and platypuses certainly don't live there.


Which are one of my adulthood favorite animals.
So fat that they're adorable. I mean look at that face.
He's chuckling at us.

I want to ride one. Screw the dolphins - give me a manatee.
They also make me sad because they swim in the harbors and boats cut them up with their motors on accident.

How sad is this?!

But Brie isn't going to talk to you about manatees, or platypuses, or stuffed animals.
She's obviously not as deranged as I am.
She's going to talk about herself and why she should be a guy and why Mary Kay is a hooker.
Much more intriguing than that animal planet adventure I just took you on.
Enjoy her, stalk her, visit her!


Hi Lovelies!
I'm so happy to be over here today with Ms. Erin!
My name is Brie and I have this little blog called Simple Single Girl Life.

In September I had decided to start sponsoring some blogs that I adored reading and TADA! here I am. I love the fact that Erin is basically doing what I wish I could.
Living where my heart is.
My whole family is from New York City, we are talking Ancestry.com only shows us being there, and sadly I moved away when I was 3.
I know!
I could kick my 3 year old self for deciding to move out of that city.
One day I shall move back, maybe, who knows, I'll keep you informed.

Now I'm not here to convince you to stop by my blog, hahaha who am I kidding, of course I'm here trying to convince you to stop by.
My mom thinks I'm funny and that should count for something especially because she informed me she never really knew I was as funny as I am until I started blogging.
Thanks mom, Love you too.

I grew up in Sarasota, FL and I still call this little bit of paradise my home. I live with my two furbabies, try to avoid the sun (I'm like Casper white), and seem to go on dates with the strangest men.
Over here you can find a little bit of seriousness like when I wrote my grandmother a letter but then I get off track and write about how I sometimes wish I was a guy.
I know, I know....pure awesomeness.
If you are looking for recipes...I'm sorry not much of that here, but I do take pictures of my food that I sometimes cook.
If you are looking for fashion...ya, sorry again.
If you are looking for DIY projects, ummmm you might find one.
But if you are looking for a girl who makes fun of herself for running from the cute neighbor guy.....You've found the right spot!
Just sayin.....

Thank you so much Erin for being such an amazing lady and for letting me steal your blog from you for a day!

Now who's in to take a road trip to Florida to go see her and some manatees and this cute neighbor guy she's talking about while we're at it?
Thanks Brie for hanging out over here today!