On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

"On October 3rd he asked me what day it was.
It's October 3rd."

Smash that all together and we get a whole lot of Mean Girl up in here.
But today we are going to be the exact opposite of Mean Girls.

We are going to be good.
We are going to be strong.
We are going to be aware.
We are going to be giving.
We are going to be empowered.

Because this month, my friends, is
breast cancer awareness month
and we are going to do something to help raise awareness
and hopefully raise some money too!
And I'm sure many of you all know at least someone in your life who has been affected by this horrible disease so this little "project" can feel a little more close to home.

For me that person is my Aunt Cindy.

I have many, many childhood memories at her house sliding down the stairs on my "magic carpet", or stealing the "good" crayons out of the vintage Crayola tin because I was in fact the best artist alive and could not color with the same ones my brother chewed on, or trying on the plethora of homemade Halloween costumes in the basement.
But there is also another memory that has stuck with me that isn't as bright and shiny.

My Aunt Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I was young. Really young. I didn't fully even comprehend what it all meant.
But even as children we are aware that cancer is a very scary and dark place. She even ended up having to have one of her breasts removed because of it. Which also flew right over my head back then.

But today she is alive and well. She's still my same Aunt Cindy. The one we lit a candle for on the track at Relay For Life. The one that can still bust my chops. The one that still brings out the Doritos and Cheetos whenever my family visits.

The one who was brave and fought and survived.

There are so many other stories out there just like my Aunt Cindy's.
Sisters, moms, grandmothers, cousins, friends, nieces, daughters.
Thousands and thousands of stories.

And that's why we have Pinktober.
To make women more aware of this deadly disease and all of the stories behind it. To raise money for research so that maybe one day little girls won't have to wonder why their aunt had to have a boob removed.

So the past couple days I've been trying to come up with something I could do in Blogland to help. I'm obviously no wizard (if I was I'd obviously be at Hogwarts) and can't wipe out the disease myself but I can attempt to get people bloggers to raise awareness and/or money for breast cancer research.

And what better way to do this than to host a giveaway.

A giveaway of everything PINK!

Pink scarves, pink candy, pink candles, pink accessories, pink nail polis, pink makeup, a pink picture colored by your three year old, pink anything.

But this won't be your average giveaway. This isn't a giveaway primarily focused on gaining followers. It's for all of us to raise awareness and to raise money.
So the way that you'll receive the most entries is not by following blogs (even though we all love that) but by reposting the giveaway which will have breast cancer facts and tips on how to perform a self exam, aka get to second base with yourself, or by donating to the Susan G. Komen fund.
But in order to have a giveaway I need things to giveaway!

And that's where you come in.

I really want this to be as big as possible so that it reaches out to tons of ladies. Therefor anyone that would like to give something away is MORE than welcome to! If you don't have the time or the money to donate something pink and pretty then ad space is also welcomed.

So if you're interested in participating then please leave a comment and I will get back to you about more details.

Thanks ladies!
I hope you're all ready to help save titties with me :)