Friday Letters

Dear H&M: I got in and out of you all summer without purchasing a damn thing yet as soon as your fall attire rolls in I walk out with a lot skinnier of a wallet than I had before walking in.
Dear Grey's: Animals did not eat Lexi Grey. They just didn't. Shonda Rhymes you are an asshole.  
Dear Google: Make me a Google Maps App already. Apple's maps make me want to rip my eyeballs out and chomp on them like grapes.
Dear Little Broski: Congrats on your new job in Boston. I will visit wearing my Yankees gear proudly so make sure you're ready to fight the bitches that attack me for doing so.
Dear Craigslist Dude Who Stood Me Up Twice: (To purchase my old iPhone, kids, not to take me out on a date) You completely deserved that nasty "Get your life together / the world does not revolve around you / stop wasting people's time" email I sent you after I waited over an hour two days in a row to meet you. D-bag.
Dear Washington DC: I'm taking off on the bus this morning to come see you, you fine city you. 
Dear Megabus: I certainly did plan my return trip back to NYC around the Giants game on Sunday.
Dear Megabus Again: Let's be nice and not sit any crazies next to me alright? The girl that ate cottage cheese and the guy who asked if he could rest his head on my shoulder were enough crazy for a lifetime.
Dear Presidential Debate: I apologize for cheating on you with the Yankees this week. But I'll catch ya next time with a beer in hand cheering on Big Bird.
Dear Nannying Job: Thank you for finally giving me the ability to not suffer from severe depression every Sunday evening. You actually make Monday mornings at "work" enjoyable.

But Friday's will of course still be welcomed with open arms and a kiss on the cheek.
And guess what, it's finally FRIDAY!
And since it's finally Friday and I'm in a chipper (I might even put heels on) mood
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