For My Dearest Father

Today is my darling Dad's birthday
(He found this little Bambi in our yard and decided to play with it)
Many say that I'm like my mother and this is wholeheartedly true in so many ways. But what most people don't realize is that I'm also very much like my father.
I am stubborn, I am impatient, I am an arguer, I am too honest, I am overly opinionated, I am sometimes too confident, I am a talker (when drinking), and I am a pain in the ass.
I am strong minded, I am a hard worker, I am a dreamer, I am a doer, I am smart, I am able to go above and beyond "average", I am a money saver, and I am creative.
I am my father's daughter.
There are so many things my Dad has taught me along the way that he doesn't even realize. Things that don't need to be taught in a hands on way but things that are instilled in you just from growing up with a great role model.
There isn't a harder working man out there.
My dad takes the cake.
There isn't anyone who can pull a better April Fool's prank.
My dad takes the cake.
There isn't anyone who wears a hat more often.
My dad takes the cake.
There isn't anyone who can train a dog better.
My dad takes the cake.
There isn't anyone who can plan a group vacation better.
My dad takes the cake.
There isn't anyone that could be a better daddy to me.
My dad doesn't really love cake.
I love him more than words can say and am so thankful that I got to have the best daddy any little peanut could ever ask for.
So in honor of my dear father on his birthday we're going to continue his contribution to my little corner of Blogland.
Let's welcome back...THE BUTTER CATS
If you haven't seen PART ONE of the butter cat series please go check it out or else this will make squat for sense to you.
Continuing on in butter land...
On October 9th we got Part Two:
Dad: New installment, "The Butter Dragon"
I thought it looked more like the Loch Ness monster's pointy little head coming out of the buttery abyss but hey I could see where he was going with it.
On October 20th we got Part Three:
Dad: Drum roll, what will it be!

I really did enjoy the fact that he took the time to not only open the container just a tiny bit but also get his phone out to take a picture of it.
Everyone needs a little anticipation and excitement when seeing the newest butter cat, right?
Dad: Dam another cat but sticking its tongue out this time

Now I don't see this one at all.
I needed a little help with understanding how his brain was operating here.
I see the tongue thing but I also see a ladies leg getting sucked into the butter ocean by it.
 No meow meows for me.
But then he turned the sucker 90 degrees and texted me again...

Dad: Wait it's little bow peep walking away with her cane/staff
This one's much better.
Little Bow Peep is walking away from us/towards the bottom of the tub.
The top loop is the top of her cane.
The coffee bean looking thing is her bonnet.
And the blob below would be her body.
Well done Marco, I think you've found Polo with this one.

And that my friends is another installment of "The Butter Cats".
Or another installment of "My family needs to lay off the butter".
But then I'd actually have to come up with my own blog material so let's go ahead and stick with butter cats.

So show my dearest Dad some love and wish him a happy birthday!
And let me know if you can see any of the butter cats because he does in fact read this.