Calling All Broke College Kids

I was recently contacted by a book rental company about doing a blog post on the expense of renting books for college.
It took me about two seconds to quickly skim over the email and ever so gracefully drag the little letter symbol into the spam box because let's face it - renting books meant college - college meant frat parties - frat parties meant coming home late and eating a roll of raw cookie dough and not gaining an inch around the inner tube - and that meant happiness.
But I graduated in 2010.
So I no longer experience happiness. 
I am no longer forced to spend my hard earned beer money on lousy books.
 But I remember the feeling all too too well so I figured I could help anyone out who's still stuck in that rut of buying books for classes they'll probably never remember to go work at a job that probably doesn't even relate to their major.
Or is that just me...
Anyway, if you're going to purchase books (some kids do actually steal their parents money and spend it on keg deposits) then I'd suggest forgoing the buying process and renting online instead at Campus Book Rentals.
Here's how it works:
1. Search for your book on their site
2. Rent the book
3. Receive the book in the mail
4. Read it, study it, get good grades, then go out and have fun
5. Return the book in their pre-printed return envelope
6. Save up to 90% of your cash money
If I knew about this option two years ago I would have been wearing a much fancier pea coat around campus on zero degree Upstate New York days because I would have saved a crap ton of money.
Instead, I would buy all of my books from a local book store and then return them at the end of the semester to get a measly five bucks back.
That bought me a roll of toilet paper and a pixie stick at Walmart. Not cool.
So be smart and buy yourself something worthwhile with all of the money you'll save with Campus Book Rentals.
And feel good about yourself while doing so because their company donates a portion of every sale to Operation Smile through their Making A Difference Program. This is the company that raises money to perform life changing cleft lip surgeries to children of families that simply cannot afford it.
That way you won't feel ripped off by your campus book store and you won't feel angry about where your campus is sticking all of that cash. Because let's be honest - it hands down isn't going into prettier dorms.
*I was compesated by Campus Book Rentals for writing this post*
 *All of my opinions and statements are honest and truthful*