A Little Behind Lately

 I've been a really bad blogger.
Like "Yankees vs. Tigers in this ALCS" bad.

If you're from Detroit please run along.
If you don't like baseball, I'm really sorry.

I mean...
Even my aunt, who I didn't even know read this, told me I've been bad and that she hasn't had anything to waste her time reading lately.

But I've only been a bad blogger because I was getting the Pinktober Giveaway together all of last week.

(And taking a trip home to see the family/mooching off the parentals/going on a wine tour/having a little fall get together with my lady friends/ getting my hair cut/drinking beers/shopping)

But the giveaway has almost 1500 entries and it's only the beginning of the third day so I'd say being a bad blogger was worth it.


I'm still feeling a tad bit lazy today so instead of a full on blog post I'm going to cheat for one more day and just throw my instagrams from the last couple weeks at ya.

Here we go:

A little Vogue and my version of "coffee".
Half hot chocolate and half cappuccino - only the trashy gas station machine kind.
That real / espresso / steamed milk / foam stuff, uh no.
I keep it real classy kids.
I most certainly win this one.
Thank you Vogue for making my toddler-esque qualities count for once.

The stress of watching Yankees Postseason at the bar.
And no they are not all mine.
If they were I'd most likely be typing this from a hospital bed.
Beautiful lake, fall foliage, vineyards, scarves, best friend.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I do wine tours.

And these are what I should have taken home afterwards.
Riesling plants, aka heaven in the form of dirt.

"Serving the Scum of the Earth since 1978"
I thoroughly enjoy this t-shirt.
And I do know some scum that I'd like to serve up a strong one for.
My familia's adorable doggies.
Don't let the poised and proper looks fool you.
They just wanted my lolipop.

I turned into a little Betty Crocker last weekend.
Boxed funfetti cake mix and a spray can of already orange frosting.
Domestication at its finest my friends.

Country girl problems.
And yes I took this while driving...5 mph
Arrest me.
But I want to go to Amber Portwood's jail - girl still looked put together.
Homemade cheese fries.
Fries from the freezer and cheese from the Sargento package.
Are we getting the hang of how I roll yet?
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