Welp, I've Made It...

Into the "I can finally consider myself a real blogger" category now that I have received my first form of hate mail.

I always said if when I ever did get my first anonymous cyber bully post that I wouldn't give in to the idiocy and I would simply delete and ignore.
But that was before I read yesterday's comment.
(P.S. if you go back to yesterday's post you will realize that there is an anonymous comment by the name of "A GF" that was also a bit rude and out of context but that isn't the one I'm referring to. I deleted the one I'm referring to out of fear that the post would instead turn into an entire comment feed on this one particular post and I didn't want that. So don't get confused. Apparently it was just hate on Erin day yesterday.)
This is the first and last time I will ever give someone any recognition whatsoever for being this utterly low and malicious.
Haters aren't worth my time. I only have so much of it here in life.
And the only reason I considered even dwelling on it is because this delightful young lady told me I was too "cowardly" to leave it up in the comments section.
I'll just paste it into an actual blog post and comment on all of the fallacies you've made because I am in fact real to my readers and want to set the facts straight. FOR THEM, not you.
So here we go.
Feel free to press the little red X if you don't want to read a full on rant.
I won't be offended if you have plenty of other actual important things to attend to in life.
The venomous spew from "Anonymous":
"Dear Erin,
After reading your blog posts, you have officially entered my book in the 'Strange People' section. Let's get some things straight for you, and for your readers (I feel bad for them). You are not living the NYC dream. You are not high class. You are not rarely serious, you are not always laughing, you are NOT interesting. You are single because you are not appealing to the type of man that you want (or any decent man). You are also not a "corporate mogul" as you so claimed you can be one if you tried. You do not have a job because you got fired, because you failed to produce results, to be proactive, to stand out, to improve the system, etc. You brought no benefit to your company. You are not a corporate mogul and you have not climbed any ladders. You currently do not receive a paycheck, other than unemployment (which comes out of our pockets, the employed). I feel bad for your parents, given they spent 10's of thousands on a college education for you and you ended up no where. I read your goal in life is to be a house mom. How can you be successful as a "house mom" if you have no real-world experience with anything!? How can you learn to be responsible by blogging as a career? It's shocking that you are wasting your days away typing a story on a computer on a daily basis and doing nothing to improve your life. Before you know it, you will be back living "country life" at Mommy's house because you will not be able to afford NYC living. No decent man is going to scoop up a young girl who has no money, no goals, no ambition, no desire, no fire, unless he is a horny 50-60 year old wealthy divorce' looking for pleasure. You should take after me. I graduated in your class, with you. I work in fashion. I have a career, I have been promoted, I have income, I have 401k, I have a plan, I have good things going. Take after me =) Thanks! And yes, I know you will delete this post because you are too cowardly to leave it for your readers to see the real YOU."
The truth:
I'll give you the "strange people" part. That is straight up true. So thank you for actually knowing one thing about me. I feel so touched.
Don't you be dissing my readers. I love my readers. And if you feel bad for them then you should also probably feel bad for yourself since apparently you've been reading all of my posts. Stalker.
I am living the NYC dream. It might not be the same dream you have for yourself or it may not include partying with celebrities at VIP clubs but to me I'm living life here in this awesome city and flipping loving every second of it.
I am single because I WANT to be single. I CHOOSE to be. I meet guys often. I give my number out often. I go on dates. I'm not single because "no guy would ever want me". You're delusional dude. I love being single. Hence the post from yesterday about being single that you decided to comment on.
I am certainly not a corporate mogul; you are right. And if you read the post that you are referring to CORRECTLY you would realize that I said I do not want to be one.
I said I could if I wanted to but that's not what excites me or drives me in life. The corporate 9-5 just isn't my style. Climbing the ladder in some fancy high-rise office building isn't something I dream about.
Hence why I'm not there...
If you do, that's perfectly fine, but don't put me down just because I don't fit your idea of success.
I was not fired you twit. I was laid off and there is a difference.
Since you know me so well you should probably know this but I'll forgive you for not being so obsessed with every aspect of my life and letting this one slip through the cracks.
You are right in the fact that I did not shine at my previous job.
I was by no means a failure and by no means did I give my job any reason to fire me (hence why I was not) but I certainly did not go above and beyond to stand out.
I was a fashion major stuck at an executive search firm. I had zero passion in what I was doing there and most of the time I looked at it as just a paycheck.
But I'm glad that it's more acceptable for you that I feel like a caged animal every day so that I can say I have a "career" like you instead of going out and finding what really drives me.
You're such a doll.
Being on unemployment is something I struggle with morally every day. You think I enjoy taking checks from the working sector of America?
I am a fiscally right-winged loon after all...
I have always believed that the entire unemployment system is completely flawed and also believe that many people in this country do in fact abuse it.
But for me it was needed.
I was unexpectedly let go because my company was not doing well financially and it came as a pure shock to me.
With the rent as high as it is here in NYC I wouldn't have survived without it. I'm not lazy, I was searching for a job, I am grateful for the help. Period.
There's no reason to make someone like that feel like sh*t for it.
Talk about anything to do with my parents again and I'll flip a lid.
(Although my Dad may have to take it off for me first. Those pickle jars are tough.)
I worked my butt off to get in and out of college in 2.5 years to save them those tens of thousands of dollars you speak of.
Did you do that Miss "I'm In Your Graduating Class"?
Didn't think so.
Don't diss people that blog daily...on a blog post.
I'm not wasting my days away "writing stories". This is a hobby.
Just like people who read, or people who work out, or people who train for marathons, or people who eat cheese on their couch while watching the Kardashyasses.
I do have money. Would you like to grab a drink and compare bank statements?
I do have goals, ambitions, desires and fire and whatever other terms you used as well.
Although I am very sorry it took me a year and a half of working in a job I didn't love going through the motions of life to finally realize what those goals were.
Truly from the bottom of my heart I am SO sorry to disappoint you.
A horny 50-60 year old man? Really?
You're so silly.
I would no way in HELL, ever ever ever in a million years even if the world was crumbling under my feet and the only last man standing was Fat Bastard "take after" someone like you.
Thanks! :)
You are disgusting. You are evil. You are pure trash.
Because if you know this much about my life then I'm pretty sure you might just be one of my real life friends and that makes me sick.
How on Earth would you know all of this crap if you weren't?
I hope to goodness you are not and have just been secretly obsessing over my life and feeding off scum to find out your information but if not...
and you are actually one of my so called "friends"
and you have just been being a two-faced fake this entire time...well then I feel so very bad for you.
You must live one dreadful life to take the time out of your day to stalk me down and trash talk.
It's funny how you call me a coward yet you spit such hate through an ANONYMOUS blog comment. I'm pretty sure you just called me the definition of yourself, hun.
(had to throw a "hun" in here at some point)
If you really feel so strongly towards me then why the heck are you hiding behind a computer screen to tell me these things?
Grow some balls, stand behind your words, and attach your name to them.
It's perfectly fine if you don't like me.
But you have to own it for me to respect it.
I owned up to my own flaws that you so delightfully pointed out and I continue to show myself on a daily basis to complete strangers.
Yet you can't even man up enough to tell someone you actually know how you truly feel about them.
If your life is so "perfect" with your amazing career and life plan and 401k and promotion then you wouldn't have to think twice about saying this to me directly instead of reaching out through an anonymous blog comment.
You'd be a better person than that.

Your name has coward written all over it.
Mine does not - I proved you wrong.
Maybe you'll prove me wrong as well.
Or maybe you'll continue to live in your pitiful corner of the world and hide behind your own insecurities.
I sure as hell am not hiding behind mine.
But either way...
Take care Miss Anonymous, I hope your comment was well worth it :)