Weekend Recap

Italian Festival?
Sign me right on up.
That's where I went this past weekend.
It's called the San Gennaro Feast and it extends a good twenty blocks from Houston St. down to Canal St. here in lovely NYC.
The entire avenue shuts down so that a slew of guidos, a thousand street vendors, and a couple dozen carnies can set up shop.
It was a mob scene.
There were people everywhere and my claustrophobia set in rather quickly.
I definitely elbowed a few drunk bitties who kept stepping on me.
Sorry about it.

I was rather entertained by the cigar rolling man.
I've never smoked a thing in my life but for some reason I just found this to be quite amusing.
The little old Italian man was just the cutest ever.

But as soon as my eyes feasted on all of this goodness it was all down hill.
Who the hell cares about a cigar roller when there's a straight mile of mouth watering, thigh packing things like this?

Yeah, you can start drooling now.
Gelato and meats and pickles and canolis and fried oreos and roasted corn.
Nom Nom Nom.

The fried pickles were by far the best thing I did all weekend.

The chocolate covered strawberries made my tummy do a couple cartwheels as well.
A little Gabby Douglas action up in there for sure.

There were also beer tents and yardstick daiquiris and sangria staring at me the entire way.

The place was heaven, I tell ya.

And after leaving heaven I came across this little darling. Of course I stopped, put my Longchamp down, talked to it like a baby, petted suffocated it, and took pictures.

Because I am that creepy stranger that will do such a thing to your dog. So watch out all you furbaby mommas, I'm coming for you next.

Somebody buy me a puppy so I can shut up already.
Sunday was spent on the couch pouting because the Gmen already played this week.
Thank goodness that we have our weeknight games done and over with because this little lady becomes severely depressed without that pitcher of beer attached to her face on Sunday afternoons.

Oh and this...THIS...would be for my fellow period hating galpals.
Jes and Alissa
You see after the Kraken comparison it's not as easy to force a shot of it down your throat.
I didn't but I should have.
Thanks for that.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!