Twofer Tuesday: A Butter Cat and a Waterfall

So there was that one time my Dad texted me first thing in the morning about a condiment.
I was expecting to see a text asking me to do something for him around the house, or one asking what I was cooking for dinner, or one from him going off on how I need to not talk on the phone unless it's after nine pm because we're running low on minutes.
Yes, I am still on my family's cell phone plan.
Yes, my dad does insist on yelling at the family every month when we don't have a lot of minutes left instead of upping our plan to include more.
Yes, people in America do in fact still try to pinch the pennies wherever possible.
But that's besides the point.
Back to the text.
This specific one was about a butter cat.
See text:
So obviously I died laughing.
Because A: this came out of left field.
And B: because he just told me to go check out the butter sculpture in our fridge.
I mean really.
Obviously I was curious enough if this sculpture warranted a text so I went and looked.
And sure enough he was right.
See butter cat sculpture:
Do you see it?
Thanks to my dad I will now check my butter containers every time I open up a new one just to make sure there's no butter dinos or butter lions popping out at me.
This is like the new form of cloud watching.
Except this tastes better.
Especially on the twelve pieces of corn on the cob I ate last week.
And in order to burn off all the cals from Mr. Butter Cat I did a little walking through Taughannock state park.
As I've mentioned many a times before...this is where Taughannock Falls are.
Which is currently sprinkling down at a sad and depressing rate due to the draught this summer.
Usually this thing gushes enough to make you want to pop a squat in the nearest bush.

But it's still a beautiful area to visit.
It's like our own little backyard Grand Canyon.
You can walk the rim trail all the way around the gorge and over the bridge right before the falls.
It's quite a stunning view.

So if you ever find yourself in the Upstate New York/Ithaca area then you should forgo the cow tipping and just visit this place instead.
And you should bring your Grama along like I did so that you can park for free with that awesome old person discount.

But you should never allow your Grama to go to any wineries on the weekend.
Wanna know why?
Because she will give your phone number out to random guys who will then randomly text you telling you to come meet up with them.
Yup, obviously that will happen.
I mean how else would I ever meet any men in this world?
Surely I would not without the help of Gram, the best wingwoman in town.