Thursday Mix Bag

First off, I would just like to give one hell of a

(times a couple million plus a few thousand raised to the hundredth power)
to all of you wonderful ladies who commented on yesterday's post.
I was truly touched to receive such an outstanding amount of support and love from all of you. It's comments like those and overflowing words of encouragement that make blogging all worth it.
So I thank you from the bottom of my big blogger heart for making me feel special and having my back when all I wanted to do was drop kick the nearest donkey.
Because NYC has quite a few of those roaming around...
Miss Anonymous never came forward. Apparently she was too cowardly scared of all of you! Big props to you for that.
I would also like to give a big shout out to one of my favorite bloggers who is going to become a mother tomorrow.
Oh my goodness!

AKA the other Erin Elizabeth is going to be popping out her little mini of a daughter and I couldn't be more excited for her.
Yay, so if you're still reading blogs during this crazy time I wish you all the best and can't wait to "meet" her!
(and one day be her nanny)
(just kidding)
(but not really)
(at least not about the TX cowboy)
I am extremely pumped for the iPhone 5 to finally have made its big debut.
Hold the phone (literally) I think I hear angels singing.

I have had an upgrade since the beginning of July, the back part of my current iPhone is completely shattered, and I'm ready for some Siri, and some LTE, and some panoramic picture capabilities, and some turn by turn navigation.
What I don't understand is why Apple never seems to address or fix the two most important issues in my iPhone life.
1. Making it be "four Blue Moons in and I accidentally dropped you on the concrete dirty sports bar floor because I'm a klutzy jackass and you shattered" proof.
2. Making the charging cable long enough so that I'm not forced to position my bed around an outlet in every room I live in since I'm one of those goons that likes to sleep with their phone.
If you can have a witty computer program spit jokes out at me then I'm pretty sure we can conquer these two dilemmas, no?
I am now officially the proud owner of a three month old little chunker of a babe from 9-5, four days a week.
That's right, I'm a nanny.

If I have anything to do with his upbringing he'll eventually do something like this:

Right on little buddy, right on.
I may not make $40 an hour and receive a free Lexus to drive around like those biddies on that god awful Beverly Hills show but either way it's the best job ever because I'm not trapped in an office at a job I don't love.
Instead, I'm strolling through Central Park in the crisp autumn air getting my exercise on all while toting the cutest munchkin ever.
But good lord are my arms feelin' the burn. Holy heck, who new infants could give you such a workout?


I have been wanting to throw an NYC blogger get together for quite some time now and even mentioned it to one of my faves this week.

Then sure enough the very same day Blair's Head Band e-mailed me about doing one.

Woo to the hoo!

So if you are in the area (or if you want to fly to NYC from wherever you are because you know it'll be so much fun) then you should go email her at [blairsheadband at gmail dot com]