Pretty Pretty Pinterest

It's been awhile since any pins have graced a post so I think we're due.

P.S. I kind of forget to pin things I love these days.
When Pinterest wasn't that popular I pinned every single thing I loved.
But now I know that whenever I need a diaper cake or a family portrait idea or wedding theme colors I can just type it into the search box.

I know it'll be there somewhere whenever I come to that point in life so why waste those extra five seconds to pin when I could be sticking another Dorito in my mouth.
Am I right or am I right?

Anyway, here are some pins for this lovely hump day:
I die inside - too cute!

Long hair don't care with a side of crochet

Airport attire at its finest

Sweaters over dresses = genius

Too stinkin' cute I just can't

The sweetest room there ever was

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