Life Lately

Well it certainly felt great to take four whole days off from this little corner of my life.
But I've missed you all and the mayhem is one of my favorite parts of my day so of course I couldn't stay away for too long.
So as most of you know I started nannying. Yay!
That means I get to eat Frosted Flakes using baby spoons instead of adult utensils and not feel guilty about it.
There's just something about those little things that makes eating that much more fun.

I also get to snuggle with my little nugget of a man all day long.
He's like a bundle of snuggs wrapped up in pj's.
He kinda makes my heart as happy as puppy faces do. Almost.
And I get to make him smile and giggle the whole time because obviously I'm hilarious...even to nuggets who think fingers taste better than Sophie the giraffe.
(What kid doesn't like a Shophie?)

That is until he screams bloody murder and I hand him right over to the boob that his is lovely mother.
Thank goodness for boobs. They make my days so much easier.
And we get to stroll through Central Park every day and happen upon cute little gazebo type things.
But we don't go in cute little gazebo type things because there are usually some strange characters occupying them already.

But the weekends are all mine.
No little babes.
Just booze cruises.
Which occured last weekend all around Manhattan.

And I also got to eat dee-lish-ous dinners like this one when one of my friends decided to turn 25 and throw a dinner party to celebrate.
Thank goodness for that because my meal was amazeballs.
Except for it doesn't look at all yummy, even though it SO was.
It was a snow corn roll.
Which meant that it had shrimp tempura, crab meat, CORN (my favorite) avocado, cucumber, and some amazing creamy sauce all over it.
Oh and there were some flaming lemons on the side to get you even more excited, no big deal.
Me and my old woomie at dinner :)

And that, my friends, has been life lately.
Tomorrow I plan on linking up with Erin at Living In Yellow for "I Believe In..."
So be sure to do the same.