I Believe In...

The banning of captcha in every corner of the dot com world

Bows, everywhere, always

Confidence being the easiest way to make yourself feel beautiful

A pitcher of beer to your face on football Sundays

Baby girls in tutus

Watching trashy reality television like it's your job

Blue and red worms being the most popular gummy in the bag

Standing up to racist idiotic assholes

Yankee Stadium being one of the happiest places on Earth

Guys with great backs

The bond I share with my lovely Grama

Puppies, plain and simple

Walking outside into the sunshine and remembering that being alive is a truly such beautiful thing

Wearing my Longchamp every single day for the last two years

Snuggling on a rainy day

Songs that can change your mood the second they come on
Never wearing pants when not in public places

Knowing that it could always be worse

Teaching your children to grow up with their manners in their back pocket

The everlasting smell of a new car

Reading magazines in the drug store so that you never have to purchase subscriptions

Cutting down your own Christmas Tree

Calling it a Christmas Tree and never a "Holiday" Tree

Knowing the difference between left and right wing politics before claiming to take a certain side

Receiving flowers for no reason at all

Chips and popcorn making up the bottom level of your food pyramid

Establishing traditions

Owning up to your mistakes but never letting them define you

Understanding the difference between your and you're


Never leaving your toothpaste spit in the sink

Anything grey and white and striped all over

Leaving your Chinese on the coffee table because you know you'll go right back for it within two hours anyway

Sneezing into your elbow pit and never your hand

Blogging because you want to, not because you feel the need to

Eating burgers without buns

Not tipping 20% when you're truly unsatisfied with a waitress

Putting a smile on your face and living the life you've always imagined

You linking up with the absolutely fabulous Erin at Living In Yellow to play along!