Friday's Letters

Dear Hair: I'm pretty sure I'd chop my right pinky off if it meant that I never had to dry you again.
Dear Giants: What the fudge happened? All of my Cowgirls sh*t talking was a complete waste after your Wednesday night performance.
 Dear Thongs: You're not cute.
Dear Crackpot Chicken: I made you yet again...I think this is four weeks in a row now.
Dear Grapes: I always push you aside and say strawberries are my favorite but you are in fact the best, my apologies.
 Dear Politics: Blah.
Dear NYC: I'm over you and your expensive ways. You're awesome but you're not that awesome.
Dear Fall TV: How have I functioned so long without you, please hurry back, I need me some Revenge and Grey's.
Dear Honey Boo Boo: I'm still WTF-ing over here.
Dear VMA's: I'm artists actually still make music videos?
Dear Internet Explorer: Why are you not compatible with Passion Fruit Ads and why am I the only one left in the world still using you?
Dear Life: Let's slow it down a bit shall we? You're flashing right by and I'm not impressed.
Dear Bachelor Pad Finale: You look like a friggin' train wreck and I am all on board with that.
Dear Bloggy Friends: Have a splendidly awesome weekend.
Dear Lisa Vanderpump: You are even more fabulous in real life and I totally didn't think that could even be possible.