Fall Into Fashion

Oh Fall...
I'm finally giving in and letting you enter my beloved Blogland.
I have tried my darn hardest to hold on to summer and even though I'm just as excited as the next chick about the upcoming season I have attempted to hold back on the fall posts for as long as I could.
A) Because everyone and their puppies squeak toy is posting about it.
B) Because as soon as the first snowfall sticks to the ground I'll want to curl up into a ball of cable knit sweaters and die a slow and painful death wishing for the sunshine to comeback.
C) Because it is, after all, technically still summer...according to the calendar at least.
But Labor Day has come and gone, the air is a tad crisper here in Manhattan, I can't walk two feet without seeing pumpkin spiced coffee ads, my heart is set on a new pair of boots, and my eyes have been glued to football all day.
So that means my bodies seasonal clock has officially switched over to my favorite season of all time.
And I'm not one bit sad about it.
I won't list eleventy thousand reasons why I love it so much since every other blogger has already done that but I will give you a little collage.

Fall Into Fashion 2012
 jacket :: sweater :: polish :: boots :: tote :: leggings
These colors radiate fall all while keeping you comfy, casual, cozy and chic.
The four best C's since we discovered diamonds.
And now I'm off to continue stuffing my face, watching football, and searching the dot com for the perfect boot to add to my closet this season.
Any suggestions on your most favoritest pair?
Help a sistah out!