Cooking For Dummies

Shepherd's Pie
(The lazy poor man's "I don't know how to cook" way)
But even so it still manages to come out tasting like the best darn comfort food that ever existed.
This meal was my "crackpot chicken" before I was introduced to said crack.
I would legit cook this every Sunday and munch my way through heaven the whole week.
What makes it so amazing is that it's fool proof.
There is no measuring.
No crazy food network type stirring methods.
No intense machinery involved.
No outrageous foreign ingredients that you couldn't find at your local Target.
You really just have to have a brain and be tall enough to reach the stove.
Sorry Snooki, you're out.
Here we go:
(this recipe is for a 9 by 11 inch pan)
(if you want to use a 9 by 9 then you should cut everything in half)
(good thing I'm teaching you a recipe and not fractions)
Cook your mashed potatoes.
If you actually do know how to cook and aren't as lazy as I am please feel free to boil and mash the tatoes like a normal person should.
If you're cool and okay with living on the wild side then you can box it like me.
I suggest Sour Cream & Chives.
It makes them taste less poor.

You should come up with something a little like this.
If you didn't then you probably should just give up on life.
Because boxed tatoes are as easy as popping popcorn.
You should also remember to cook both pouches at the same time instead of making the first and then realizing that you needed a double batch forcing you to get out another pot.
I'm dumb special, it's fine.
Then you should thaw out your (boxed) frozen veggies.

As well as pick out all of the lima beans.
Those little pesks are just about as bad a raisins.
Why they think it's acceptable to sneak into delicious foods is beyond me.
They should know their place in this world.
The trash.
While you were making your mashed taytas you should have been browning your meat.
Oh you weren't? That's okay, I never told you to.
P.S. about a pound of meat will do.
P.P.S. this picture makes me want to be a vegetarian asap

Then you should mix your de-limabean-ized veggies into the browned meat like so...
You should also mix in all of this goodness.
I do a a little more of the ketchup than BBQ and definitely a lot less of the Worcestershire (how in the heyylll do you pronounce that) sauce.
Next step is spreading out the meat/veggie mixture into your 9 by 11 pan.
As well as adding a full can of corn on top of that if you're obsessed with this vegetable as much as I am.
If only they made mixed veggies with a 50 corn to 50 everything else ratio...
After you're done picking several kernels of corn out of the dish because you're a rabid animal and can't hold back you have to spread out the potatoes on top.
This part is the trickiest of parts because the potatoes are a little sticky and don't really enjoy being spread.
Good thing you have a couple forks and a lot of persistence to make them cooperate with you.

Then you stick that little diddy into the oven on 350 for about twenty minutes.
Then you dig in and forget to take a picture of the finished product because of said rabid animal qualities.
I'm off to go cheer on my main man Eli while the Giants take on the dirty birds from Philly.
I'm also off to stuff my face with some 25 cent wings and ask for an extra side of carrots and blue cheese.
That's how I do things during football season ladies.
Extra carrots balance out the extra burrs right?