Biting the Bullet and Caving In

The word alone makes me squirm in my seat.
When I started blogging I didn't understand what it meant.
I thought of a sponsor as being some famous athlete for some hugely large and in charge sporting goods company.
Not a random chick from some fly-over state for some average chick from a sweet-tea sippin' state.
I honestly didn't get the point six months ago.
Now it all makes sense to me.
We're all selfish attention seeking wh*res who insist that we don't pay any attention to the number of Blogland followers we have sitting on the edge of our pages yet we'd all probably live in a porta-potty for a day if that number could automatically quadruple in size.
Which is 99.9% of the reason why there is such a thing called a blog sponsor.
I have always tended to shy away from A) Sponsoring other blogs and B) Allowing the option for others to sponsor my own.
This is for two reasons:
I don't like how most people "do" their sponsorships.
In all honesty I don't think I've ever clicked on a post that screams "Come Check Out My Awesomely Fabulous September Sponsors!".
They bore me. It's a waste of a blog post.
I never intended to nor do I ever intend to pour my hard workin' girl money into this virtual land of blogging.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the blogging world and everyone I've met through the process but I can't really picture myself throwing away money just to be rotated around the right side of someone's blog.
Yet I still continue to have the itch to start my own sponsorship options as well as start sponsoring some of my other favorite blogs.
So I'm caving in and making it happen.
But I'm going to do it a little differently.
I won't be inundating your blogger feeds with "Meet My Sponsor" or "Enter My Giveaway" posts.
I won't be tweeting in your ear every damn day to check out some blog that I don't even read myself.
I won't be doing much of anything the "normal" bloggers do.
Instead I will look at it as advertising.
Your face being that advertisement.
The sidebar of my blog being the jumbotron.
I will be giving you random shout outs in my own posts where they actually make sense and form a cohesive blog post.
Not just a post featuring you and all of the other chicks in your ad category.
And all the dollas that I make holla-ing at you for will be put back into sponsoring yours and other blogs.
That way this little corner of the world will continuously grow and in turn direct more and more people to your own ad.
Kapeesh? Kapeesh.
Email me if you're interested in sponsoring!
twothirdshazel at gmail dot com