A Link-Up Party - Where I Come From

It's cornbread and chicken.
Where I come from a lotta front porch sittin'.
Just kidding, I'm not Alan Jackson.

But I would like to sing blog a little something about where I come from.

A lot of you already know that I currently reside in the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, the biggest city in the nation, home of the best sports teams in all the land. And that's a fact so don't fight me on it.

But this amazing city has only been a part of me for 2.5 years.
So what about the other 20.5 years?
Shouldn't all those precious years show a little more about who I am than the last couple?
Maybe. Probably. I mean the numbers are there people.

And this got me to thinking that I really only know where my bloggy friends currently live.
I don't know where any of you are actually from. Where you were raised. Where your roots began. The background. The beginning.

So I want you to tell me and the rest of blogland about where you come from.

What are the biggest attractions in your area?
What's the average Saturday night like?
What sports teams does your area root for?
What kind of home-cooked meals are served?
Do you have restaurant chains that aren't anywhere else?
What's the scenery like? Mountains, desert, beaches?
What kind of activities did the kids in your neighborhood play?
What about style - prim and proper, casual country?
What animal gets hit on the road most frequently?
What kind of music blasts through local radio stations?

These are just general ideas to get your brains flowing - feel free to write about anything you care to.
I'm obviously not one for rules.
Apparently Upstate New York didn't teach me that.

So grab the button, spill the beans, and link up for
"Where I Come From"
Thursday (that'd be the 16th) of this week!
I hope you all are excited to participate and show the world your hometown pride.
I'll be sure to remind you to link up before Thursday rolls around, don't you worry!

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