Weekend Recap

Picture dump style
The ladies of the weekend...
All in white pants because it's cool to match again like we're all in Middle School.

Mani/pedis went down
"Wife Goes On" was my color of choice

And obviously a CRAP ton of food was eaten

View of the Freedom Tower while sitting on the Frying Pan

And every other second of the weekend looked like this
And now I am taking a little relaxation time upstate at home with the family after in incredible weekend with the girls.
Time to see some stars, smell some cow crap, do the three loads of laundry that I haven't done since the last time I was home (a month ago) (EWW!), playing with the puppies, stuffing my face with free food cooked by my momma, and drinking some beers that cost two dollars instead of twelve, a few, just a few, trips to Targay, and catching up on all your wonderful blogland lives.