Weekend Recap and a Visit to Mars

I made like the Curiosity rover and landed on Mars
P!nk Pers!stence this morning!

You can find me over there talking about something pink, something trashy, and something yummy. Which to me sounds much more exciting than scoping out rocks for two years...just sayin'

But since you're currently here and not on Mars I'll give you a couple pictures from this weekend. (I really need to start carrying my camera around and stop using my iPhone because these photog skills are severely lacking)
My friend from home came to visit so we did the usual sushi/shopping/dinner/dress up and head out kind of ordeal.

Me and Miss Heather

 I rather enjoyed this but I sadly left it at Forever to be enjoyed by someone who actually enjoys wearing words on her shirt.
I don't like being read.

 Umm the genius behind this marketing scheme is well, genius.
Getting some beer dude? Well yeah, I'm going to be bold and stick these right in front of your face. Be drunk. Be smart. Have a good night.

I could eat these little suckers all day long

A watermelon marg - complete with a watermelon slice and black salt to imitate those pesky seeds. Prettyful don't you think?

Outback Steakhouse
Where a NY'er gets made fun of for ever wanting to step foot inside.
But this little lady enjoys a steak and crab legs for a smooth 13 bucks.
And the bathroom calls me a Sheila when I have to pee every thirty minutes.
Win win

Add some 3am McDonalds and sleeping in and that just about sums up my weekend.
Now hop on a shuttle and head on over here for my guest post.