The Black Sheep of Blogland

Blogging and Social Media, they seem to go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. It'd be like a bed without pillows, a trash can without a liner, shampoo without conditioner, my Saturday night without a Blue Moon.

But I didn't realize any of this when I started blogging. Yeah I noticed the cluster of buttons under every one's fab pictures screaming at you with arrows to "Follow me on Pinterest" "Like my Facebook" "Tweet me" "Check out my Instagram" "Come snuggle with me in my bed!". Well no, not that one, but in all honesty it sometimes seems like that.

And I'm totally not judging anyone or rather everyone, because I seem to be one of the very few without those pretty color coordinated buttons attracting you to my social media sites. I mean I probably would have my very own gray and pink set of buttons (and one day I most likely will) if I truly cared to spend 10 dollars on them, but for right now I just don't.

It's not just the buttons though. It's integrating my blog into all aspects of the social media universe. I'm just not interested in it and if I don't end up with 1,500 GFC followers by my first blogiversary then SO BE IT. I feel like there is such a constant push by so many ladies in blogland to keep their daily view quotas up and gain a solid number of new fans each week.

Don't get me wrong - I'm guilty of paying attention to the numbers as well but I am still so astonished by the push to gain social media followers. Everyone seems to have a Twitter/Facebook/Instagram named after their blog.
But my Twitter is my Twitter, my Facebook my Facebook.
If you follow me on either then you're following Erin Gray not Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink. You see what my in real life friends see, what my family sees, what I see in the morning after a night out.

I don't have a separate account for either of them that broadcasts under my blog name. And I sometimes wonder when I'm following friends on social media sites under their blog names and not their "real names" if I'm getting to actually see and understand them. I quite honestly don't really care to see your tweet about the 73 giveaways you've entered that day. I want to see YOU.

I want to know that you can't decide between "Mink Muff" or "Bikini So Teeny" at your mani/pedi. Or that you woke up with a raging headache after a great night out. Or see an Instagram of your puppy drooling all over the floor.
That's the shit I care about. That's you.

And if the sites that are named after blogs are real and honest and aren't just about attracting new followers then that's awesome and I totally get it. (And there definitely are some that I love) But so many of the ones I've seen aren't and it confuses me. Doesn't that get boring? Don't you want to update your status about something exciting?

If you do have the creativity and the wit and the TIME to be authentic and different on each one of your social media sites then all the power in the thighs of the men's gymnastics team goes to you.
(and that's a lot of thigh)
Because that's 3/4 of the reason I don't do this social media for my bloggy friends thing. My life isn't exciting enough to entertain you on all of those sites.

And I'm most certainly not trying to have you see me Tweet/Facebook/Instagram/Blog/and Pin the same damn picture five times. Because I have done that - you just don't know it because I don't advertise for you to follow all of my crap. And after telling you that you probably never will want to anyway.

Maybe I'm missing the boat on this. Maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe I just really am the Black Sheep of this social media/blogland ordeal. All I know is that it sometimes gets to be a little "much" for me to handle. Okay, so I guess I'm just the Grandma of blogland. That explains everything.

But now that I've ranted on and on about social media I think it's about time I go check my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Bed to see if you've come to snuggle yet.