Spice Up Your Life

Because the Olympics are officially over and I may officially bawl my eyes out long enough to surpass even Kimmy K's ugly cry face.

This was the first Olympics that I have actually been fully obsessed with. Yes, I have always watched but it's usually only when skating is on in the winter or gymnastics in the summer.

I've never gotten into just about every event possible until this year. For instance my eyes were Elmer's glued to the tv during synchronized diving. Really Erin?

Yes, really, 'cause you get slow motion shots like this:

Granted I still can't watch archery or weightlifting but just about everything else, I loved.

I guess it's because I'm finally old enough to understand what it's like to truly feel pride for my country.

To care enough to listen to the individual stories of each and every Olympian there.

To understand that it's more than just good television when all of the countries walk in together, united, even if it's only for a couple hours of one night.

It was moving for me this time and I loved it. I cried when the Fab 5 won Gold. I cried when Jordyn Wieber didn't qualify for the All-Around. I cried when Missy Franklin won four races, when Missy and Kerry won their third and last together as a team.

So now that it's all over I'm just a teensy tiny bit upset.

But not as upset as I was when I was forced to listen to Jessie J for a solid two hours at the closing ceremony. HOLY HECK, why oh why was she ever chosen to sing not once, not twice, but three different times?!

How on Earth would anyone let her on stage with Queen? I was at a loss for words. She completely butchered "We Will Rock You". I'm pretty sure I could butcher a cow better than she sang that song. So, so, sad. And so is the thought of butchering a cow...

Boo you whore.

But thank the spiced up heavens above for bringing my childhood back to me in those British cars.
THEE Spice Girls reunited and it was amazing. From the very beginning when each of their cars were lit up like their personalities, to their outfits, to their voices not sounding near as bad as Jessie's, ohhh boy oh boy did they make me happy.

Heck yes.

Posh in black, Ginger in the British flag, Scary in animal print, Baby in bubble gum pink, and Sporty in who knows what because no one likes her.

Back in the day my friends and I would all dress up as our favorite Spice (I was obviously Posh, I mean come on) and put on performances. Our mothers were also forced to video tape us. If only I could get my hands on those tapes. If only. You'd probably see a lot of my bossing everyone around to do the choreography right.

I think I need to go watch their movie now.
I also think I need to throw a Spice Girls party.
You will only be allowed to attend if you dress up as one of the girls and sing "Spice Up Your Life" beginning to end.

P.S. another thing about the closing ceremony - what the hell was the blow up octopus about?

Anybody? No, okay.
I guess we can just go ahead and agree that the producers were on acid while coming up with half of the closing ceremony.

Goodnight London. Goodbye Olympics.
Hello to getting off the couch and getting my life together.