Pinterest and The Stanley Cup

The Pins:
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Color Pop

Oh hello, Hydrangeas

Effortlessly elegant

Eat your heart out
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Cuteness and cut outs

I'z just stretchin' a little

The Cup:
So this isn't breaking news or anything but the L.A. Kings won the Stanley Cup this year.
Normally I couldn't even tell you who wins it unless it's the Rangers but this year it was somewhat exciting.

That's because one of their star players, Dustin Brown, plays for L.A.
And he was born and raised right where I'm from in Ithaca, NY.
I didn't really know him back then but I'm friends with plenty of people that are good friends with him.
So it was pretty awesome seeing the entire area come together and root for him.

What's even more cool about the story is that this weekend THEE CUP was in Ithaca with Dustin journeying around to tons of different places.

It was all over Facebook.
So many friends took pictures with it.
Other friends drank beer out of it.
Some others ate Fro-Yo out of it.
It made a trip to one of my favorite restaurants The Glenwood Pines.
AND it also took a little trip to Wegmans.
Which I told you was the all time best grocery store in America.
And when I told you that I showed you this picture.

And then I was Facebook stalking and saw this picture.

Which would be Dustin himself with the cup itself in the same exact spot where I had just taken my own picture a couple weeks ago.
Cool stuff right there.

Pretty awesome to see such excitement back at home!