Pinterest and Puppy Chow


If only NYC allowed for some outdoor space...
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This is genius
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Give me fall. Give me this outfit.
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A little lace goes a long way

Because it's funny

Puppy Chow:

This is a delicious treat that I've been making ever since 2nd Grade.
Some people call it Muddy Buddies but that's stupid because
A: It is not muddy, it's white.
B: It definitely is not your buddy after you eat the entire bowl and pack on a few el bees.
But if you enjoy the heavenly deadly combination of chocolate and peanut butter then you will love this.

What you need:
Package of chocolate chips - and none of that semi-sweet nonsense either
Cup of peanut butter - creamy or crunchy
Half a cup of butter ish - I rarely measure
Eight or nine (ish again) cups of Chex cereal
As much powdered sugar as your hips can handle
A big brown paper bag

What you do:
Put your Chex in a big ass bowl
Melt the chocolate, peanut butter and butter on the stove
Take a couple swipes of melted creamy goodness with your finger
(That part is necessary)
Mix the cereal around with a spatula so you don't crush the little guys until everything is perfectly coated
Pour some powdered sugar into the bottom of the paper bag
Pour cereal on top of that into the paper bag
Pour more powdered sugar on top of that into the paper bag
Roll over the top of the bag and shake what your momma gave ya
Check to see if all of the cereal is now perfectly coated
If not, add more sugar
If it is, EAT
And then continue to lick/kiss/make out with the sauce pan and spoon because apparently that whopping sized portion of Puppy Chow you just consumed wasn't enough to satisfy you.