Packing Up and Heading Out

Right on over to Jen's little piece of blogland.
Jen certainly is one of my more spunky bloggy friends.
She's crafty.
She cooks tasty bite sized cups of goodness.
She's hilarious.
She decided that happy hour should be called happy time since drinking for only an hour is for the birds pansies.
She has the cutest little nephew that she blows up kiddie pools for.
She makes bad ass tea towels and then sends them to you.
She emails you craziness after one too many margs.
And she has one liners for days - kinda like Honey Boo Boo, minus the disgustingness and forklift toe.
P.S. can we PLEASE discuss the fork lift toe?!
Did you see the gnats?
On her toe.
Surrounding the crevices of her toenail.
Buzzing all up into that shit.
I can't.
I had to hit the rewind button to make sure I wasn't hallucinating,
And ladies and gentleman I certainly was not.
Then once you got over the bugs that apparently live under that sock and IN her toenail...
You realize how mutilated it actually was.
Hence where the forklift comes in.
I can't.
"If I had a toe like that I would chop it off."
Can we puhlease start a petition to make her go see a doctor to get that fixed up?
Actually no, I'd feel too bad for the Doc.
I would rather follow my dog around and eat its poop than touch that toe.
Okay, I have completely gotten off track here - this was about my friend Jen.
Not about how Honey Boo Boo is poisoning the minds of Americans.
They make Jersey Shore seem like Sesame Street.
Yet I still watch... Lord help me.
I give you full permission to come hunt me down if I blog about this show ever again.
But now I must run.
I'm off to attempt to suck the life out of every last bit of summer sun,
buy a couple things the entire store at Target,
and walk Taughannock Falls at the park with Grama 'cause old people are cool and can get into places like that for free.
Oh my goodness and I almost forgot!
Congratulations to Miss Giuliana and Bill Rancic on the birth of Baby R.
Because obviously they WILL be seeing this post.
Edward Duke Rancic
I'm not so keen on the first name. I mean how boring is Edward? Ed? Eddy? Twilight?
But I do like Duke and I think they should stick to that, it sounds tough.
Although my mind did just wander off to the Bush's Grillin' Beans dog...
Oh well, he will still be the cutest little man ever and I am SO happy for their family.
Now go check out Jen's blog and my post HERE
See ya on the flip side of things.