My Friday's Letters V-Card Has Officially Been Taken

Dear Friday's Letters: I have seen many of you before on my bloggy friends' blogs but this is the first time I'm ever writing you on my own blog so play nice. Dear fall weather: Let's get here sooner rather than later, I'm ready for ya. Dear abs: How 'bout we get a little tighter shall we? Dear friend from home: You are currently on your way to this lovely city and I can't wait to get shmammered with you this weekend. Dear Ryan Lochte: Get. In. My. Bed. Dear Gabby Douglas: Those flying squirrels ain't got nothin' on you girl. Dear Olympics: So this is what a crack addict feels like. Dear job search: You're putting up a hefty fight and I'm not interested in your struggle - please lighten up the mood a bit. Dear McDonald's 6 piece Chicken McNugget: You are NOT being purchased at 3am this weekend after the bar scene. I repeat, you are NOT. Dear Frye boots: I'm thinking I need to acquire some of you this season because purchasing a new pair of Aldo's every damn year is getting a tad bit ridiculous. Dear chipped toenails: You have most certainly been neglected but I promise to take you to your most favorite little Asian lady very soon. I pinky swear promise. Dear Apple: If this $800 iPhone 5 rumor bit is true I will drop bows on you. This is a phone we're talking about - not a laptop. Get your shit together. Dear Erin: Remember to smile, remember to breathe, everything will work itself out. Dear Blogland: You are the best land in all the lands. Well, except Never Never Land and Hogwarts Land, that is. Dear Friday's Letters (again): That was fun, we might just have to become weekly friends.