Monday Mish Mash

My brain is currently a bowl of mashed potatoes.
I love mashed potatoes.
They're actually one of my favorite comfort foods but I'd much rather prefer the mish mash in a bowl with a slab of butter and a hint of garlic.
Mashed tato brain isn't as intriguing.

My weekend was all over the place too so I'm not really feeling the normal weekend recap business where I have to think logically. I'm much more into some random blog paragraphs that have captured some form of brain matter for the past couple days.

So here you are, some mumbled paragraphs to make this blog post a little easier on your Monday morning brain.

My friend called me up at 1:00pm Friday afternoon asking if I wanted to go watch the Yanks take on beat up on the Red Sox.
Umm is that even a question?! I think not. So we went.
And my oh my did the thunderstorms roll in.
So since I'm a smart cookie and not a tourist trying to take in everything the lovely new stadium has to offer I decided it'd be a much better idea to camp out at Stan's across the street with our $3 beers instead of stuck in some swamp ass soaked seats sipping on $12 burrs.
As soon as we were good and drunk the clouds parted for the rest of the evening and we headed in to watch the bombers kill it with dry bums.

(Sorry Erin and Brie)

The majority of my Saturday was spent recovering from all those beers. I woke up at 8am ready to roll like I was back in college and a BAC over 0.16 didn't effect me.
I took the furbaby out to take a wiz and by the time I got back to bed Harry Hangover decided to make his appearance. Holy hell this home girl passed out again until 2pm. WHO am I? I couldn't even tell you the last time I slept passed 10am let alone into the afternoon. Yikes.

Good thing there were some killer movies on this weekend.
A) Wall-E. Umm can you say cutest movie ever? This is one of those "Pixar told a better love story between two mute robots than Twilight did in 4 books" type things.
B) Armageddon. There was a pancake sized circle of tears on my pillow after this one ended. So so sad but so amazing at the same time. Ben Affleck is also in his hottest form ever so that doesn't hurt either. Liv Tyler? Eh, not so much hun...
C) Sweet Home Alabama. "Why would you wanna marry me anyway?" "So I can kiss you whenever I want." LOVE that. Love Reese Witherspoon.
D) The Lion King. But I couldn't watch this one after Harry saved the Earth in Armageddon because I don't think I had enough tears left to do Mufasa's death justice. You must cry or you are not human.

Remember when I posted about some Minor Meltdowns?
No? Pick up on your stalking skills and go read them - you might just relate.
Yes? Well remember that one about the slippery dresses not staying on the cheating hanger.
Well look what I found on Pinterest this weekend.
Hot glue on the edge and all the junk stays in the trunk and doesn't slide off. Genius!

I sent Mister Furbaby's real momma (I'm puppysitting him until Tuesday if you're one of those that aren't up on your stalking game) an email today. And I wrote it in the voice of Mister Furbaby himself. It let her know what adventures we've gotten into, hoped she was having fun in Greece, and even included pictures of our play dates.
I may or may not take the cake for creepiest furbaby sitter in the history of furbaby sitters. But hey, if I was his momma I'd want an update and some adorable pictures so why not!

And now I'm off to go make myself some mashed potatoes.
Not brain ones, real ones.
Happy Monday to you all!