Love and Loathe

1. The sound of pouring rain pounding down on my metal roof at home. There isn't a better way to fall asleep. I might just record it.
2. Corn on the cob straight out of my Upstate NY fields. I could eat these heavenly sweet kernels without salt and butter - it's just that good.
3. Caroline Manzo finally giving Teresa Giudice a piece of her damn mind.
"If you hang around garbage you start to stink."
4. Heading to a $23 all you can eat crab leg dinner with some lovely ladies this evening. I will be gaining a solid five pounds while I'm at it.
5. The fact that I completely missed the entire redneck disaster that is my town fair. Don't get me wrong I loved it when I was younger but now the demolition derbies, hundreds of people on wellfare, stinky unshowered carnies, and eleven hundred goldfish that will die in a day just isn't my thing.
6. Revenge coming back into my life in a month. I am utterly in love with this show and utterly obsessed with Daniel Grayson. I mean my last name wouldn't change that much if I married him, right? Even if he is fictional...

1. That The Hunger Games makes me want to throw up. I'm not sure if the producer was on acid, on a merry-go-round, or just felt like being plain obnoxious but the way this movie was filmed makes me all sorts of dizzy and nauseous.
And another thing - how the hell does this happen?
2. Watching my brother's puppy follow my families other puppy around until she goes number two so that he can dive right in to eat it her poop. VOM dot com.
3. The smell of puppy farts after said puppy gets away with eating shit.
4. Giants vs. Cowboys season opener tickets still being at the "low price" of $200 for nosebleed seats. Seriously, what gives.
5. The fact that absolutely nothing in this tiny ass hometown of mine is open later than, oh, about nine pm. What happens if I want late night china?!
6. Those damn Target singing school supply commercials. Graphic tees and denim, denim, denim, denim. Backpacks.
Shoot me!