Confessional Thursday

So Leslie decided to go and confuse the heck out of me by posting her Confessional Friday link up today.
Today is Thursday people.

Even though I thought yesterday was Thursday because I was thirsty.
But this little switcharoo worked out rather well since I have exciting plans tomorrow with two of my lovely lady friends from home who are busing it here to see me bright and early tomorrow morning!

That'd be Heather on the right

And Caitlyn on the left
(circa last Halloween because apparently it isn't appropriate to run around the streets half naked in a tutu in regular day life)
(if only)

I can't wait to get mani/pedi's and shop, and take pictures, and eat sushi, and go to Frying Pan, and dress up, and be wastey pants together.


But let's get back to the confessions:

I haven't stopped watching Honey Boo Boo and I'm not ashamed one biscuit of a bit.

A 16 Handles opened up within a ten minute walking distance from my apartment. This is NOT good for my 30 Day Shred DVD.

If only I had Jillian's gut wrenching voice yelling at me every time I stepped foot through the door I might actually stop dead in my tracks and turn myself around.

I almost lost my lunch while walking home the other night after seeing this horrible horrible creature scurrying across the sidewalk.

I stuck my toe in there to give you a comparison of the cockroache's beastly mammoth size.
Pretty positive it might actually eat toes for breakfast.

Apparently I have the IQ of Honey Boo Boo's papa because I cannot for the life of me figure out out to open these popcorn bags.

I mean I got all excited about this pop up bowl thing in the grocery store (an automatic dish? why yes please) but as soon as it's popped up I sit there for sixteen and a half minutes trying to follow the directions and alas, nothing.
What gives?
Thank goodness for scissors.

I think I was the only one in America that didn't watch Shark Week.

There is not a reason in hell that a 4oz bottle of L'Oreal makeup remover should cost me $11 at the drug store.
Is there liquid gold in this shit?
Oh no, just 99.9% H20. Oh okay that makes sense.

I am 100% certain that I have the best mom in all the land because she sends me groceries AND BEERS whenever someone from home makes a road trip down here to NYC.
Hello free yummy food.
P.S. will I ever grow up and stop doing this?

My friend just received her Frye Boots in the mail today. If you see any newspaper headlines regarding a girl from NYC hitchhiking it to Upstate NY in order to steal a pair of leather boots from her friend please look the other way because it'll be me.

You can count on me to be playing this game this weekend.
Genius. Just genius.

Click here if you're a pothead Potterhead and want to actually read the words.

I never ever ever want neon to leave us. Like...ever.
(sung to the tune of that annoyingly catchy new T-Swift jam)
Can we transition neon to fall/winter?
Puhlease oh please fashion gods of the world.


And that wraps up another delightful day at the confessional.
Happy Thirsty Thursday ladies!