Confessional Friday

Even though I participated in Friday's Letters already today and even though Miss Leslie is feeling under the weather and not hosting Friday's Confessional I think I still need to confess.

So here we go:

I Confess That...

I may need to be prescribed depression meds as soon as the Olympics are over.
I'm that obsessed and that in love with the games, the competition and all of the athletes' stories.

I really do get sad when I see the horsies in Central Park.
They lead such sad and restrictive lives in the sweltering heat lugging tourists around.

I have never understood the hype about movies coming out again in 3D but I may or may not be thrilled now that Finding Nemo is doing it.

I've been stressing out hardcore lately trying to decide what I want to be when I "grow up".
P.S. I'm never going to do that.
But I have absolutely zero ideas on where or what to take as my next step.

I am utterly obsessed with Eddy's Strawberry Fruit Bars.
I can't stop.

I ate leftover Chinese food at 10:00am yesterday morning...

I felt rather proud of myself for beating ten guys in a game of Survivor Flipcup at the bar after kickball this week.
I may look like a prissy little princess with my squeaky-clean white sneakers and pretty pink hair bow...but this girl's got GAME.
Don't mess.

I am itching in my pants for fall to get here.
Just like everyone else.
I'm counting down the days 'til I can throw on a pair of boots, wrap a scarf around my neck, and watch football every Sunday.

I want to unfollow certain people on Twitter because they make me mental
but I don't just so they can serve as daily reminders of what not to say if I don't want to come off as an annoying twit.

After this weekend my liver light will most definitely be glowing a glaringly red color and screaming mayday the whole way home.
Good thing Monday-Wednesday is reserved for juicing it back up again.