Another Concert Added To The List

Mumford and Sons
Yeah, I definitely saw them live in concert last night.

It was the kick-off venue of their tour here in the U.S. and it sold out within a solid 24 hours.

But I gots myself a friend who gots his self a brother who works for the band so we got to go fo' free.
And I most certainly loved every second of it.

(Minus the 35 minute wait in line for a beer at the beer tent)
(At which you were only allowed to purchase one beer per person)
(Which also stopped serving an entire HOUR before the concert even ended)

Whoever planned out that nonsense should get the boot asap.
But other than my beer tank being empty all else went amazingly well.

The concert was in Hoboken, NJ which is right across the Hudson River from NYC.
So you get to see some downright SPEC-TAC-U-LAR views of the city skyline.

These pics are from Hoboken's Instragram:

Since we were outside in the park there was plenty of room for everyone to have their own personal bubble of space.

Which meant my nose wasn't stuck in some seven footers sweating armpit
I didn't have to elbow jab any drunk bitties for being sloppy idiots.
I'd say that's pretty darn successful right there.

They played some of my favorite songs from their older record:
Little Lion Man, Winter Winds, Thistle & Weeds, The Cave
(Youtube them)
As well as some new ones off of their record coming out in September.

They even played a three or four song encore after everyone screamed for them to come back and grace us with their badass British selves again.

Then, no lies, as soon as they whispered out their last line...

They couldn't have timed it any better.
They shot them off from one of the piers along the river so they lit up right behind the concert venue for everyone to see.
It was awesome.

I love me some Mumford.

And so does this rowdy group that shot a video of it all from their balcony:

You can see the Empire State building right behind the firework show.
During the Olympics the ESB is being lit up with different colors on all four sides to represent the colors of certain countries flags.

Last night it was:
North side: Blue, White, Red - Cuba
West side: Red, Blue, White - Slovenia
South side: Yellow, Yellow, Blue - Ukraine
East side: Red, Yellow, Red – Spain

Pretty cool right?
Good lord, I love being a NY'er!