A Puppy and a Package

I finally got a puppy!


If only that could be a true statement...

But this handsome little man is Colby. He's coming to live with me for the next week while his mommy is off gallivanting in another country.

I. Am. SO. Excited!

Isn't he just the cutest little bugger you ever did see?
I pick him up today at 3:00pm so you better believe I'm going to pretend to be a furbaby momma in blogland for the next week!


In other good news I also received a fabulous package from the lovely Jen at Crafty Home Improvement (Mis)Adventures

She is just the sweetest chick you'll ever meet AND she prefers to not wear pants. Umm, that's a winner in my book. She even went to get the mail without pants on once. We were destined to be friends.

She challenges herself to do some sort of task every month. Whether it be Pinterest projects, recipes, or embroidering bad ass tea towels...she nails it.

And last month's challenge was those bad ass tea towels.
What is a "bad ass tea towel"?
Honestly, don't ask me. I don't drink tea and even if I did I probably wouldn't know that there were set towels for said drinking.
All I know is that they're bad ass and that she rocks at making them.
She embroiders every one by HAND.
I mean, really, who is doing shit by hand these days?

She has made a ton and each one has a different pattern. Since I'm a child at heart I obviously loved the cupcake ones and Jen was sweet enough to send me them!
She's a doll, that one.

These are the patterns up close and personal. Remember it's all done by hand. Every single one of those little stitches.

I have about zero patience for tedious projects because I would much rather be eating and/or be at happy hour with a Blue Moon in hand.

Which little Miss Jen apparently knows ALL too well because girl sent me two other things in my bad ass tea towel package.

Exhibit A: A Magnet

Exhibit B: Awesome Seasoning

I mean this girl knows me better than some of my IRL friends.
The quote? Perfection.
The guac seasoning? Speaks right to my heart.

So a big big thank you to Jen for all of the loveliness.
If you're jealous of me after this post and want some goodies then you can head on over here and try to win some bad ass tea towels in her giveaway!


P.S. Remember that tomorrow is link up time.

So get your posts ready for "Where I Come From"!