A Weekend Recap...On A Wednesday

So last Saturday was supposed to be my family reunion.
It was supposed to take place at my house upstate.
It was the main reason I had taken last week off to go home.
But my extended family is bat shit crayzay.
So there was no reunion.
It was cancelled.
Because of my family being bat shit crayzay.
It's sad. But that's that.

So instead, my own family just threw a big party.
Minus the bat shitters.
Plus a bunch of family friends.
Plus a bunch of food, games, beers, and swimming.

This is where the party's at: My home sweet home.

Dad built the whole thing with his own two hands.
He's kind of a super hero.

But I had to help build it all.
All those rocks? Yeah I threw them into that big pile.
All that mulch? Yeah I shoveled it there.
All those boards on the house? Yep, I helped stain them.

So...he's sort of not as much of a super hero when he makes me participate in slave labor.
But hey, that's what dads are for right.

And this is where things start to get less Home & Garden and a little more Let's Have A Damn Partaaay!

That's my tree house, water slide, and zipline down there.
Dad built those too.

There's a pump in the pond that runs water up a hose to the top of the slide so that your butt can get a little assistance going down.

So fun!

Oh and here's the zipline in action.
You jump off from the ladder by the porch , fly throught the air, and hopefully drop into the pond before you reach the bank on the other side.

And that completes the tour of my amusement park house.

Another reason that makes my hometown amazing is Wegman's.
Also known as the best grocery store on the face of the planet.
They're mainly only found in the Northeast so if you're ever around these parts then you best take your own parts to Weg's.
You won't regret it.

This is the awesome display of soda I ran into on my latest trip:

And another:

I mean...how cool is that?
I want a job that let's me design soda can box displays.

Oh and I finished up my weekend at home in the back yard around the fire.
Peace on earth.