Weekend Recap

So I've been a little MIA lately.

And that's because I went home (again) for the best four days of summer.

GRASSROOTS Festival of Music and Dance!

Now I realize none of you know what this is...but let's picture Woodstock...and then let's stuff all that craziness into 2012.

And there you have Grassroots.

It occurs in my hometown every year and every year it gets a little more chaotic.

My town is tiny (as in we don't have a stop light in it) (as in maybe 3,000 people live in it) so when a crowd of about 30,000 comes from all over the country it gets a little intense.

Some hometowners actually pack up and get out of dodge before the hippie storm hits.

But my friends and fam LOVE it.

We're definitely not hippie lovers - I shave my arm pits, I don't eat placentas, and I frankly don't even love the music - but it is still the best thing since Christmas.

We dance

We can attend "The Happiness Parade"

We get rained on and still stick it out

There's lights

There are license plates from ALL over the country

We set up tents and canopies as far as the eye can see

We encounter weirdos that blow bubbles

And freakishly tall weirdos in spandex suits that show of their own bubbles

We take pictures of some sort of eye test seance

We drink. A lot.
And then repeat for four days.

We get creative and pour alcohol in gas cans?
Don't worry it was new and clean.

Then I of course play with the pup.
Who looks to be just as weird as the hippies in this stretched out position.

But I still love this shedding mess of a little man.

Then I take another five hour bus back to NYC and look as exhausted as Octomom after giving birth after finally arriving home after the amazingly awesome yet tiring weekend I just had.