Weekend Recap


I went to see Ted instead of Magic Mike on opening night.
This proves my theory in thinking I should have been born a boy.

I thought it was pretty hilarious overall but there were quite a few parts that I completely didn't understand.

For instance Flash Gordon plays a big part in the movie.
Who is Flash Gordon?
This also proves that I am way younger than Seth Macfarlane and that anything concerning the 80's flies right over my head.

Oh and I also need to get a little rant off my chest about the movies.

Shut your gosh darn cell phones off.
How hard of a concept is that to understand.
They even put a thirty second clip on the screen instructing you to do so.
Let's get it together America.

Don't bring your six year old to an R rated movie. Especially one that says the F word in every other sentence and features many bong scenes.
Like are you for flippin' real?
This little boy was sitting right in front of me and every time something funny happened I laughed and then cringed thinking about the little nugget being corrupted by the minute.
The "mom" or whoever brought him there kept giving him an iPod to listen to and half way through the movie nugget starts singing BEEZ IN THE TRAP BEE BEEZ IN THE TRAP.
Shut the front door I cannot.
Let's keep the six year olds at home and for God sake give them some Kidz Bop or something.


My BIRTHDAY celebrations officially began.
Because everyone should start celebrating three days before their birthday.
Some girlfrands and I went to Room Service for bday dinner #1.
Because everyone should also have more than one birthday dinner.

Talia, Shea, Me, Roomie

Chandeliers fascinate my eyeballs

Ooooooh, Ahhhhhh

The most delicious mountain I ever laid eyes on.
Pineapple fried rice owns a special little corner of my heart.

Cake cake cake cake cake - sung in my best Rihanna voice

I made a wish for something super special.

They didn't have the best hand writing...but I did get a cherry!
And I did try to tie the stem into a knot with my mouth.
Because I'm classy like that ya know.

You would think the chick on the left was the birthday girl with the way those eyes are droopin' but no it's ME the chick on the right.

Don't believe me?
Well here, now I have a princess crown to prove it.
And also to receive free shots and burrs all night from the men at the bar after dinner.
And I'm so not sorry about it.
Couch, water, sleep, Say Yes to the Dress, Ibuprofen, water, water, sleep.
That was about it.