Truth or Dare Tuesday - Link Up!

Hello Blogland friends!

I'm finally back from my week long stint at home.

A stint that now requires my liver to have its own set of crutches to hold itself up.
I'll let you be the judge on how serious that statement is.

Now you are once again forced to listen to me ramble on about Alphabits, alcohol, and all things random.

But I won't be annoying you today.
Because today is the day of my very first blog link up.
As in my blog name is actually ON the cute linky button.

That's right betches.
I feel superdy duperty special.

I'm hosting it with these two lovely ladies:

So if you don't follow them, then...

A) You should


B) You probably have no idea what this is about because I've been MIA for the last week and haven't told you anything about it. OOPS

So I'll tell you now:

The name of the game is Truth or Dare Tuesday
We give you one truth and one dare - duh.
(It's just like the game you played back in 6th grade)
(I pushed for a 7 Minutes in Heaven link up but the other two weren't buying it)
(That's a lie)
You can either pick the truth, the dare, or get a little riskaaay and do both.
Then you put the little button in your post.
Copy the truth or dare section and add your answers.
 Then handcuff link your post to me down below.

Understand? Great. Let's get started!


An Organized Mess 

 Have you ever cheated on anything - a test, a boyfriend, etc.
Guilty as charged.
But only for the school kind of cheating not the relationship kind.
But yeah, there were a couple instances back in the day when a little sneak peek at your friend's paper was totally necessary.
I honestly won't believe you if you've never cheated in school.
Because I was a kick-ass straight A student (I cried when I got my first ever B junior year) and I still did it.
Post a picture or video of you Face Dancing
I'm wimping out on this one for two reasons.
1) Because I actually had to ask Jade what "Face Dancing" was. She then sent me this YouTube video as a tutorial on how to do it. So I need some time to practice my moves yo.
2) Because my face is still the shade of the top portion of a red, white and blue Bomb Pop and there's no way I'm posting a picture of it on here.
Also, in order for you to be a little more prepared for this game we will be filling you in on what the following week's truth and dares will be.
So next week they will be:
Truth: Have you ever stolen anything, if so what.
Dare: Post a picture of what you look like FIRST thing in the morning after waking up.
Now go get your game face on and start linking