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If you had 24 hours left to live what would you do?

This question makes my heart hurt.

Honestly, I think I'd end up crying the world another ocean.

I can't even imagine being in this situation and my heart gets heavy every time I hear stories about someone going through it.

A Time Limit On Life.

That just shouldn't be possible.

Show us a picture of your room and tell us what's in it.

Well if you really want to see my entire room you can just head up to the top of my blog and click that "My Apartment" tab to get the full picture of pictures.

But here's a picture of my bed.

Because it's obviously the best part of any room.

I. Love. Snuggling.

I'm really, really, for real good at it.

I. Despise. iPhone. Cameras.

They're really, really, for real good at being blurry.