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2. You have the option of choosing truth, dare, OR if you're feeling frisky you can do BOTH!
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4. Have FUN & be YOURSELF
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Have you ever stolen anything, if so, what?

Yes, I have but it certainly was never on purpose!

Once when I was little my brother and I were waiting for my mom to finish up picking out some paint at a hardware store.

Lil Broski and I were bored.

Lil Broski and I thought it was perfectly normal and acceptable to pocket some of the nuts and bolts that were housed in candy jars on the shelf under the register.

We didn't think they were candy but we did think that they were fun little toys to take home with us. And we also didn't really think anyone would be missing some lousy nuts and bolts either.

I mean we should have gotten some sort of reward for waiting around in a hardware store for over an hour. Right?

Mom finally realized in the car and drove us back to return them.

Post a picture of what you look like after waking up FIRST thing in the morning.

This would be a yikes why did I agree to do this face

This would be a semi trying to be normal but instead looking like a freak face

This would be the hair

This would be a shirt that I frequently wear to bed
I bought it at Old Navy (in the children's section) while I was shopping for my little JCPenny Angel child for Christmas (because I'm a giver).

Truth: If you had 24 hours left to live what would you do?

Dare: Post a photo of your room. Tell us about what we see in the photo.

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